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Mamptons… the male version of Hamptons Style

Mamptons… the male version of Hamptons Style

The Hamptons is the playground of the wealthy in New York and traditionally the style is very white and beige, with interesting textures and a nautical theme, but overall, quite a neutral colour palette that provides the feeling of relaxed coastal comfort.

But if the above isn’t quite your style or you’re a male and concerned your decor may come off as a bit feminine (not a big deal in my opinion anyway), Boutique Homes has come up with a fresh take on the popular decorating style by giving it a masculine edge and calling it Mamptons… LOVE IT!

Mamptons (I just want to keep writing it so it catches on) can be described as a bit more moody than traditional Hamptons style with deeper colours that add more warmth and richness to a space.

Think of warm charcoal greys, instead of white, to highlight features typically associated with the Hamptons style and this could be via mouldings or timber panelling perhaps. Another option is to have some darker base coloured feature walls and cabinetry, with perhaps some white shutters or bench-tops to not make the room feel too moody (as that could come off as a bit un-Hamptons like), but it’s all about creating contrast that make those darker tones pop more.

Interior designer Katie Hillary, who created the look for Boutique Homes, also said that black can also be key in creating a Mamptons look, but that it needs to be used sparingly to avoid creating a drab space. This could be in the form door handles, dining chairs, picture frames or tapware.

For those feeling a little more adventurous with the Mamptons style and if you feel that your room is now looking a bit too masc., consider adding teal or blush pink that works particularly well with charcoal and could soften your room up a bit.

We think Mamptons is a great interior style that caters to the lads out there that like the Hamptons style, but were concerned it wasn’t manly enough for them. Let’s hope it catches on!

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